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Malawi Mobile providers Defend themselves from Over Charging Accusations

Malawi Mobile Updated: The title of the article was updated after Airtel complained to our editors that the statement was a collective one comprising Airtel, Access, MTL and TNM. The Title has now been modified to include all four carriers in the country. As to the Clarity of the statement which we find rumbling rather than taking the issue head-on we leave it to the Malawi mobile users to make their own judgements. The full Press statement Below:

Full Statement

Our attention has been drawn to an article headlined ‘’Malawi’s expensive phone habit” by BBC’s Lilongwe Correspondent, Emmanuel Igunza. The main thrust of the article is that Malawi is one of the most expensive countries in the world to use a mobile phone services. The BBC report has also been picked published by a few publications and blogs in Malawi. According to the writer, the conclusion is based on a report presented by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) regional consultant Andrew Dymond.

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Malawian led Company Malcom ready to launch innovative cashless payment services to Consumers

Chris KanyukaA Malawian led Company Malcom after getting approval from the Reserve Bank of Malawi is ready to launch a cashless payment system which the Company is releasing as MobiMax charge card service.

According to CEO Christopher Kanyuka who spoke with The Maravi Post via Skype, they received a letter of approval from RBM deputy governor (economics) Naomi Ngwira dated February 12 2015 approving the firm application to roll out the MobiMax card service, The Reserve Bank indicated that the card Malcom is offering cannot be classified as either a debit or credit card.

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