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Fight in the ’hood! Wives accuse female college students of cheating with their men

BLANTYRE--The mushrooming of hostels for females in the residential areas of Blantyre, Malawi commercial capital, is causing havoc in some in families as wives complain that they now have to share their husbands with the females most of whom are college students, according to The Weekend Times.
Some women told the paper husbands lie to their wives that they are going to local pubs to watch English Premier League Football when in fact they are visiting girlfriends at these hostels in the neighbourhood.
“These students are all over the place hunting for men. I have now caught my husband twice with one of these students. The next time it happens again I will beat her.
“They come here and eat all the money their parents gave them for tuition and up-keep and they start flirting with married men to give them money,” one source is quoted as saying.
She added, “I think parents need to sit down with these students before they send them to school. Most them are good girls when they go home but when they are here where there no parents they join their friends into misbehaving. I don’t think they can excel.”
But one of the students, speaking on condition of anonymity, pushed back, saying it was wrong to think all students are engaging in such activities.

Besides, it’s men who are chasing the girls, she said.
“How can one tell that this man is married or not? I think the students are just scapegoats. If their marriages are on the rocks they should not blame it on students. We are here for education full stop,” she said before asking the paper not publish the story saying will send a wrong signal to “our parents.”
These hotels are mostly in residential areas of Chinyonga, Soche East, Naperi, Chitawira, Kanjedza and Mount Pleasant.
It is illegal, according to Blantyre City Council, for anyone to change a house into a hostel without the council’s approval.
The council wasn’t aware that some people had turned houses into hotels and promised to take action, according to the paper.
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Fight in the ’hood! Wives accuse female college students of cheating with their men
Fight in the ’hood! Wives accuse female college students of cheating with their men

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