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Empowering moment with Chimwemwe Ncozana


MANY Malawians are leaving the country heading to many parts of the world for higher education and greener pastures. Once away from home, it’s easy to lose focus and not achieve what you set out to do.

I’m a Chimwemwe Ncozana, a Malawian  graphic designer for a multimillion private company in Florida, USA. One of my accomplishments is that of being the creator of Malawi’s First Online Radio Radio Yako. My main focus has been perfecting my art (graphics) skills to the point that today thousands are either reading or using some products I designed for the largest leading retailer of premium cigars, Corona Cigar Company.

It was an honor when I was given the job to design the “House Resolution 1639 Cigar Band” House Resolution 1639 - The Traditional Cigar Manufacturing & Small Business Jobs Preservation Act is a pro-active bill written to prevent the FDA from taking away the freedom to purchase and enjoy cigars.

My love and interest in art was inspired by Malawian artists like the late Vic Kasinja, Brian Hara, a local painter Kathumba and the disabled artists at Malawi Council for the Handicapped.

Working in the graphics and publication industry here in the United States has given me an opportunity to learn more from the other skilled and more experienced artists. With practice and exposure, I have improved and become a better professional. Opening up to new ideas from others not just in my line of work but where ever you go will definitely broaden your skills in what you do.

To all Malawian’s I say Nzeru zathu pamodzi zitha kusintha umoyo wathu ngati aMalawi meaning if we Malawians were to put our heads together, we can accomplish a lot in our lives.  

With today’s technology there are jobs out there hiring people who can work remotely internationally. However, in the case of Malawi which has frequent blackouts, it would make it hard for someone to make it. A graphic designer’s job requires a lot of resources that can be available instantly while in the United States and I would love to provide the same for my own beloved country Malawi. To attract investors, I hope Malawi, sooner rather than later, will fix the problem of unreliable electricity.

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