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iReport: Bees disturb MSCE candidates during exams at Chaminade

KARONGA--Candidates for 2012 Malawi School Certificate of Examinations (MSCE) at Chaminade secondary school have been troubled with the presence of bees in examination halls.

Exams were delayed on Tuesday, 2nd July, as students changed classes to avoid the nuisance.

On Wednesday, students moved again while exams were in progress. The students carried their desks and mixed with others in classrooms where others were quietly jotting the paper. This prompted the invigilator to add some minutes at the end of exams.

Scents often attract bees and there's suspicion they are lured by perfumes in girls' hostels where they the beehives are.

Because of a lack of fumigation services, school authorities are using doom, which is used to kill flies and mosquitoes. What this means is that the candidates aren't assured of writing their exams without any disturbances.
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