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MUCKRAKING XTRA: Can't buy votes...yes you can!

Another worrying thing I noted was the use of money to buy votes. I saw some candidates unabashedly moving from delegations to delegations brandishing wads of cash. It was like those with the most money were assured of smooth-sailing. Is this the literal meaning of democracy with a price? I don’t think so! Delegates were supposed to vote in people who they believed would move the party and country forward, not those with the most money.

While at this point let me point out that it was wrong for President Banda to announce that a certain family had done ABC to make the convention happen. The secretariat should have come up with an estimated cost for the convention and budget for it. If money was short the secretariat should have asked well-wishers to pool resources together. In that way there should have been no need for one family to decorate the marquee and feed the delegates.

Of course I know some families are better endowed with resources than others and it’s not prudent to expect two people contribute the same way to a cause. But at the end of the day it was PP sympathisers as a whole who made the convention happen. Isolating some people for special mention was unfair to the whole PP family. (I don’t want to say that may have affected the voting pattern for some positions because that is obvious.)

Notwithstanding that PP surely need to be patted on the back for showing the way. Let others follow!
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