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Full transcript of Atupele Muluzi's acceptance speech

Atupele Muluzi 

I thank you, I am very thankful for the enormous honour that you have bestowed on me, by electing me as your leader for the next five years.

Our gathering today marks exactly 20years since the UDF was founded. We must always remind ourselves of the bravery of our men and women who fought for the change, for the benefit of all Malawians. I thank you for the trust you have placed in me and let me assure all of you that I am determined to return your confidence, by helping to rebuild the party into a strong movement that will spearhead the transformation of this country and its citizens.


I want to thank my fellow candidates mainly Honourable (Moses) Dossi and Honourable Mai Takomana. I am aware that Honourable Dossi this is your third time, we are praying that one day you will be standing here making an acceptance speech.

Let me recognise all those that participated in these elections, I congratulate those that attain positions and those who did not, and wishing every success in the future endeavors within the party. United Is The First Word In The Name Of Our Great Party I now want to put these party elections behind us and move forward as a united team. United is the first word in the name of our great party.

Unity is strength, and it is best described in Chichewa proverb ‘mutu umodzi susenza denga’. I am determined to work with every one to help the UDF to regain the trust of the people of Malawi so that it becomes the credible party for all Malawians My Duty As Your Leader My duty as your leader is to heal the wounds of disagreements for the greater good of our party; my heartfelt gratitude goes to many gallant men and women of the United Democratic Front who have stood by our movement in both good and in bad times.

They delivered on several fronts, eliminated one party state and dictatorship, sow seeds of democracy and multiparty politics, sanctity of rule of law, freedom of press, freedom of speech. Tribute To My Father, Chakufwa Chihana This party has been blessed with a credible history of leaders, and let me at this juncture pay special tribute to His Excellency Dr. Bakili Muluzi former leader of UDF and president of the republic.

We have had his leadership to this party, this regional and international from 1992 to 2004. We wish him a speedy recovery as he recuperates from a surgery in South Africa. We also wish to pay special tribute in a special way to his Dr. Chakufwa Chihana, the great freedom fighter and friend of the UDF for his contribution to the fight for multiparty democracy. Going Forward?

We will seek to consolidate our structures and encourage our existing members and broadening the membership base of our followers. Our structures will remain a legitimate base. We will ensure that we are appraised into the needs of our people, and supporters and our new membership.

We will have a clear party manufesto which seeks to lay out the party’s vision and what it wants to deliver in short, medium and long terms. Going forward, we will seek to ensure that our political party manifesto is a living document that outlines the credible plan to transform and deliver according to the needs of Malawians.

Building On Record of Achievements: We Set Up Key Governance And Accountability Institutions, Introduced Masaf We will build on our proud record of achievements as you know the UDF party has a proud records of achievements. Let me mention a few: it set up key governance and accountability institutions, such as the ACB, Malawi Human Rights Commission and Office of Ombudsman.

It was credited for introducing masaf 1 and 2, many development initiatives around the country-from rural clinics to district hospitals and build roads and bridges. It also introduced the ground breaking of starter packs which distributed maize, seeds and fertilizers to 2.6 million small holder farmers. The first UDF government intensified efforts and actions to address gender disparities and harnessed full women integration into our society.


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